It's been a long and crazy ride but we can't imagine it with anyone else. It's pretty awesome having the support of your family on stage, right beside you. We have each other's back and it feels good. We just make it work as a family and a band; it is absolutely a team effort! Which is definitely a good thing when you're traveling on the road with 3 girls, 2 dogs, 1 baby, a bunch of guitars, a mandolin and A WHOLE LOT OF LUGGAGE. We truly are grateful for the opportunity to sing, record, write, play and meet so many awesome warm-hearted people, together.

xoxo Lucy Angel


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October 30
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Wondering "What Was I Thinking" or getting "Drunk on a Plane?" Gotta love @DierksBentley ! Happy bday fellow Arizonan! http://t.co/92woCGZ19Y
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@barrman hi! :D
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